Potty Training Regression- My Solution!

Hey Tayra here,

Are you dealing with potty training regression? If you’re looking for the BEST way to potty training your child, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading… Because this my uncensored potty training story. The ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work and finally what I believe is the BEST method for potty training your child.

**If you wish to go directly and watch this potty training regression guide RIGHT NOW you can click here, otherwise, continue reading because in these next paragraphs I share my personal potty training tips and my own story**


#1 Method to deal with potty training regression
#1 Method to deal with potty training regression

You’ve probably guessed what I’m going to write about by the name of the title- How to solve your kid’s potty training regression. Let me tell you this- you can do it in as little as 3 days! Yep- You’ve read it correctly- Three days are all that it takes for your child to be potty trained completely. No regressions, no accidents, nothing. How? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading 🙂

You are probably wondering how to start potty training your child, or what is the best age to do so. A short search in Google will provide you with countless potty training tips, potty training schedules, programs, methods, guides etc. Some are good and helpful, but others are just scams claiming to help you potty train your child in no time. So if you are looking for the real thing and the best way to potty training your child- You are in the right place, because my blog is created just for that reason!

I’ve been taking care of children since I could spell my own name.. Well, not that long, but you get the point. I was (and still am, though not full-time) a kindergarten teacher.

The most difficult thing I ever had to deal with in all those years was… And you’ve probably guessed that right too- Potty Training! Yep, I said the P’ word.

This is a phrase most parents will hear and get goosebumps, and I’m pretty sure that between the terrible two’s and puberty- it is the most complicated, nerve-racking, frustrating phase in the parent & child lives.

Now, where I come from, kindergarten teachers and parents work together in order to potty train the kids. The child is potty trained at home & in the kindergarten. Quite a heaven you can imagine, huh? Potty training one, maybe two kids is difficult enough. How about doing it with 5, 10 or.. 20 kids at the same time?! Oh boy… Those days were at the least exhausting.

There were days I had to change so many clothes and wash so many underwears, I can swear I felt like a washing machine. No matter how many times my staff and I would remind the kids to come and tell us whenever they needed to go to the toilet, how many times we took them to the bathroom and sat by their side reading stories to them and encouraging them to… You know… Still, some of the kids were wetting their pants (at best..) just 5 minutes after we reminded them to tell us if they needed to go.. And they most definitely needed… Ugh! It was so darn difficult.. No matter which method we tried (prizes, stickers, charts) NOTHING helped!

When we finally did potty trained a child, well, words cannot explain how thrilled and proud we were! But sometimes, and it wasn’t that rare, some kids just started wetting their pants again after a month or so for no apparent reason- they were experiencing some potty training regression, and it was quite hard and discouraging for us anpotty-trainingd for them as well.

Potty training was harsh, but potty training regression… Oh, my god! That was like twisting the knife. To make a long story short- we finally did potty trained those kids using different method
s and tips we found in books and on the internet, but it was most of the times tedious, long, and inefficient programs that were just time-consuming and required us to be full-time potty trainers, which obviously made us even more exhausted.

I would have been so enormously grateful if someone had introduced me to this amazing program when I was potty training kids in my kindergarten.

It could have prevented a whole lot of frustration from everybody’s side. So you can imagine my complete joy when I bumped into this method. I am so happy to be able to share it with you guys today.

If you are experiencing potty training problems and searching for a quick potty training method and some of the greatest potty training tips- then this “Potty Training in 3 days” program is by all means, the BEST one I have encountered in many years of trial and failure with different theories. I am no longer taking care of children who are going through potty training, but I do know that when I’ll have to potty training my own kids- this is definitely the program I will use because it gives you insights into so many aspects and takes you step by step in the process, it is just mind blowing to realize how easy it can be if you just follow those simple and basic tips and tricks.

So, what do you have to lose?

Take this advice from a well-experienced potty trainer and click here to discover the 3-day potty training program. You won’t regret it, I can assure you.

Make sure to write a comment below to let me know how well your kids are doing with this program. I’m sure they will!

All the best of luck for the little ones and their parents!

Love and kisses to you all.


5 BEST-EVER potty training tips

Hey Tayra her!

Today I’ve collected the BEST most creative potty training tips I’ve found online, and I am sharing it with you to make potty training easy and fun for you! (Yes, it CAN be fun!!) So just read below (to find the best solution for potty training your kids- CLICK HERE):


  1. Bribery IS everything- Those little tiny treats you give your son/daughter every time they succeed using the toilet are SO helpful and motivating! Just remember to brush their teeth really good afterwards. If you want to cut off the sweets- you can also give them stickers, kids LOVE stickers! If that doesn’t work- try different treats and see how your kid responds to them. Pick his favorites ones and you’re good to go.
potty training tips
3-5 M&M’s will do the job
  1. Hit the cheerio (for boys)- put 3-5 cheerios in the potty and tell your kid to aim at them when he pees. You are turning potty training into a game and your child will absolutely ADORE it!
potty training tips
Throw those cheerios inside
  1. Music to my ears– Pick a song, or invent one and sing it to your little ones’ every time they go to the potty. Sing a different one when they’re done and let them know how well they did. It’s funny, playful and makes a sort of a routine for potty time.
potty training tips
Sing, clap, dance! Have some fun for goodness sake!
  1. Time to be creative– Put your kid backwards on the toilet, give them a water removable marker and let them point on the cover of the toilet- it gives them a great thing to do while sitting on the toilet.
potty training tips
It comes off! Not to worry…
  1. Portable- some kids have a preferred location to do their business. It can be everywhere from the common bathroom to their room, living room, kitchen, balcony etc. Buy a portable potty and place it in your kid’s favorite spot.
potty training tips
Location, location, location



Stay tuned for my next potty training tips discoveries! Meanwhile, try some of this and let me know how well you kids did! CLICK HERE for the proven method of the 3 day potty training

Best of luck,


How to RESTART potty training?

Potty training regression can be frustrating
Potty training regression can be frustrating

Before we RESTART potty training if we experiencing potty training problems, we have to first START potty training, right?

We all know the story- our little one is getting big and it’s time to begin the wonderful (NOT) potty training.

So, first of all, we get all the props we can think about- the potty, the book, the chart. We set our potty training schedule and we are confident that we will potty train our child as quick as we can say “No More Diapers”. Only to soon realize that it’s not as easy as we thought it’s going to be. Our little one is showing quite a big objection using his or hers new potty. That’s when we begin browsing the internet for different potty training methods but can’t find anything valuable..

Finally, we find ourselves exhausted, and just give up at some point. We postpone that task for a few days later just to get frustrated and miserable once again…ugh!!

And then, when we finally do succeed in potty training our kid and all seems to go on wonderfully without (or with minimal) accidents, this happens. I am talking about REGRESSION. What a terrible word huh? I can tell you that- I truly hate it when it happens, but it is by all means, not yours or your kid’s fault.

So never, and promise me that, EVER take it out on yourself or your child. It is simply a bump in the road. You will get through with this once you find out what I think is the best method to potty training your child.

The greatest key to deal with this situation is first and foremost- be PATIENT. Your kid is going through a quite big change in his or hers life. Although you don’t see it right now, you will manage to potty train them eventually. So just RELAX. Drink a cup of coffee (or tea, whatever makes you feel better). Change their clothes once again, smile and tell them that everything is going to be alright because it is. I am going to show you exactly how.

Being in your shoes, I know exactly how you feel. You have probably tried all the methods, books, and tips on how to potty train your kid. I have done so too, and some were good and helpful, but others were just terrible and didn’t work at all!

So while I was browsing the internet to find the best method out there I came across what I believe (and you will too) is the BEST guide to potty training your kid. No more questionable products claiming to help but actually don’t, what I found is truly THE REAL THING.

So bare in mind that regression is normal, but don’t give up! There is a solution out there and hopefully I’m going to reveal it in my next post.

*If you can’t wait for my next post you can actually find the method here. But then you are missing all the good stuff on how I tried to potty train 20 kids at the same time (Yep, true story).. So if you want to ruin the surprise you might as well click there.

See you next time, stay tuned!

Potty Training Regression- What To Do?

Potty training regression tips
Potty training regression tips


Greetings Dear Parents!

Have you been experiencing potty training regression? Don’t know what age to start potty training or having difficulty potty training?

Well, then just keep reading this, because I have set up this website to answer the age-old question of how to deal with potty training regression.

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There are so many tips and tricks out there on the internet claiming to know the big secret of dealing with potty training regression without any problems, accidents or frustrations. The truth is- 99% of those “wanna-be” guides just don’t actually deliver, and if you got to this website, well, you probably know it by now.

The WORST thing for a child from my experience is the lack of consistency. Trying one method after the other only confuses your child and finally even hurts the potty training process. It is the ability to stick to one program that truly helps your kid to completely become potty trained without regression.

Do not- and I say it full-heartedly- DO NOT be discouraged. This small obstacle you are experiencing now is only a bump in the road, and it is something you will overcome, I can assure you that.

The main purpose of this blog you are reading now is to help you find the best way to potty train your kid completely.

I am here for you, and I am going to take you step-by-step and give you the right tools in order for you and your child to complete the process of potty training.

Don’t hesitate for a second to write me if you have any questions, and be ready to join this ride, it’s going to be a stupendous one!

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