‘Walk The Talk’ With The Right Choice Of Footwear

As much as they are considered a fashion statement in the modern world, footwear also acts as a functional and even a medical device. Nothing else we wear quite works the same way, except maybe for body shapers and other compression garments.Wearing the right footwear goes a long way in pulling off that perfect look, performing well in sports or simply just being comfortable enough when going on about daily activities. Feet consist of flexible structures of bones, muscle and soft tissue and its alignment directly affects the rest of the body parts.

New-borns and Toddlers

At the age where kids begin to stand up and take their first few steps, the primary focus is to protect their fragile feet by avoiding hard knocks or falls. However, modern parents look for shoes which are both functional and fashionable for their little ones. In keeping up with rising fashion demands of the parents, stores have gone the extra mile to introduce baby girl designer shoes for the daughters and customised mini kicks for the sons.


As children grow up, it is important to understand how their bones change and to choose footwear that supports the natural movement and flexes of the feet. For teenagers, the world is their oyster! There is an extensive range of types and designs of shoes available from trainers to sneakers to canvas shoes. No matter what the preferences are, there will always be too much of options to choose from. Although there are tons of dedicated footwear shops, girls boutique clothing stores also display the latest wedges, boots, sandals and fancy heels. As the saying goes, ‘variety is the spice of life’ and this does not get any truer than for a teenage girl’s shoe collection.


Today, most men and women invest a large proportion of their income on purchasing fashionable clothing. Career-oriented individuals spend heavily on sleek and stylish footwear made from exclusive raw materials such as satin, leather and other expensive fabrics. This not only makes them feel great inside, but also enables them to make a fashion statement at the workplace.
Other footwear choices include finding the right shoe based on the type of physical exercise. Whether you wish to walk, run, jump, climb or play a sport, there is always a large range of functionality shoes to choose from.


With age, bones and muscles weaken, making it difficult for older people to keep their balance. Other physical conditions such as arthritis also contributes to this. Due to this reason, sturdy shoes with good insoles and a comfortable design will go a long way for the older generation.